Weird fall but we are trying to bring some normalcy to it... So Millsboro Middle FFA is moving their fall flower fundraiser ONLINE! Here is the online form, we will be taking pre-orders until Sept. 17th. Scheduled pick-up is planned for Sept. 23rd, but emails and phone numbers are collected in the form so we can better share out any changes. 
As always students interested in join FFA will be able to use this fundraiser to pay their membership dues and/or earn their own FFA jacket, so make sure you add the student you are "purchasing" from to give them credit. I can't guarantee what their FFA experience will be this year, but I can tell you we will be making the best of the whatever we can do.

Because Knights' have always made masks look good, what better "Back to School" accessory.  This is a pre-order of Knight masks
. An email will be sent upon delivery of the masks to arrange pick-up, we have 3 sizes available. Pre-ordered masks will be $6!!! Get set up for back to school!

knight mask